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INTRO: Learn more about the Pregnancy Workout Video Series
Spend 2 minutes learning about my Trimester 2 and Trimester 3 workout programmes ; 22 unique workouts to take you through your Pregnancy!

FREE ‘TASTER’ TRIMESTER 2 WORKOUT: Fresh Start Trimester 2 Pregnancy workout series
A FREE 8 minute pulse raising, muscle boosting workout that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE for all of you out there who are keen to work out in pregnancy but a.....

FREE ‘TASTER’ TRIMESTER 3 WORKOUT: Fresh Start Trimester 3 Pregnancy Workout Series
Join me for this 8 minute 'no equipment' workout and learn more about the Fresh Start Trimester 3 video workout series at the same time!

WARM UP VIDEO: Pregnancy Workout Video Series
Join me for an approx 8 minute warm up specifically designed to ensure you are safe and ready to exercise in pregnancy. Tackling mobility, stretching .....

10 minute UPPER BODY bodyweight workout
Target arms, chest, shoulders and core with this quick 10 minute bodyweight workout. Although quick, it's effective! Focus on upper body alone, or tag.....

10 minute LEG + BUM bodyweight workout
Blitz inner, outer thighs, quads, hamstrings and bum with this quick 10 minute bodyweight workout which will get you sweating and the lower body achin.....