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"I could not be more positive about my whole experience with Sian. From the get-go Sian was a complete professional, whilst making me feel completely at ease and excited to start exercise again. She tailored all exercises to my exact needs and has really educated me about my post-natal body and how to strengthen it in a safe way. My body has changed shape and I feel so much stronger. I was experiencing severe back pain post-birth and this has completely gone. This really has been an invaluable experience for me and I would highly recommend Sian to anyone, especially post-natal as her knowledge of how to safely exercise post-baby is superb. I now have such a love for exercise. Thank you Sian for all you have helped me achieve, whilst educating me at the same time."

Sam, 32, Skype client 

"I started working with Sian after annual BUPA health check results showed I needed to work on lowering my cholesterol, body fat and weight. A year on and the results have been fantastic. My body fat has dropped from 31% to 24%, my weight by 10lbs, and my cholesterol from 6.1 to 5.5. They have also earned me the congratulations of the doctors assessing me. "How have you done it?" they asked. The answer is simple, but often not what people want to hear! Through building regular and consistent exercise into my lifestyle and ensuring my diet is better. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier.”

Liz, 47, Balham

“I wanted some help training for a half marathon and thanks to my work with Fresh Start I completed the race in 2hrs 5 mins; 15 mins faster than my previous Half, and something I wouldn’t have managed without Sian. I feel stronger, I can run faster, and I can’t imagine not working with her.”

Carine, 41, Clapham

“Since working with Fresh Start I can really see the changes to my body. Sian has developed a plan customised to my needs and I can see the results, ready for my wedding! I would definitely recommend Fresh Start.”

Beatriz, 32, Raynes Park

“I got in touch with Fresh Start as I needed help in getting exercise to ‘stick’. Sian’s sessions are fantastic; really varied and never boring. I’m definitely more toned and much fitter. And my husband has noted my ‘guns’!!”

Caroline, 37, Streatham

“It’s brilliant doing a mix of strength training alongside cardio and I am seeing great results in inch and weight loss. I’m a keen runner too, and it’s really helped improve my speed and stamina. Sian tries to keep things interesting, so you never do the same routine twice.”

Vikki, 43, Cirencester

Before I started working out with Fresh Start I hated exercise and lacked motivation. But working with Sian has really helped me; I’ve gained fitness, I feel less tired, and my back and knee pain has gone. Best of all, I’ve lost almost 6 stones! I wouldn’t be without my sessions with Sian and have truly built exercise into my lifestyle - for good.”

Ailsa, 42, Streatham

“I would thoroughly recommend training with Sian. I am fitter, I’ve lost weight, I’ve toned up and an added bonus is that I have had fun doing it! Sian really listened to what I wanted to achieve and created a program that truly suited me. The program has taken into account my post pregnancy requirements, been varied (which was really important for my low boredom threshold!!) and has also been pitched at a level that was perfect for me – challenging but manageable at the same time! We’ve had a good laugh and achieved loads!”

Allison, 40, Surrey

Sian is a great personal trainer; she's taken me from someone who doesn't exercise to weekly workouts. No mean feat given how much I disliked exercise! She listens to my needs and for example, built in ski exercises after I'd mentioned an upcoming holiday - for which my legs were very grateful!”

Lynsey, 40, Clapham

“Two beautiful babies have left me with a mum tum. Sian has made the process of getting fit and losing weight fun and manageable. Sian is always upbeat and the sessions seem to fly by. Sian is also willing to be flexible and fits sessions around work and babies.”

Elizabeth, 33, Clapham

“My personal training sessions with Sian are energetic, tiring, yet fun and never boring!  Every time I see Sian, I can't help but dread what new exercises she has in store for me!  However her fun and energetic personality make our sessions whizz by and before I know it we are cooling down and stretching.  After each session I feel exhausted yet completely reenergised.  Sian uses a combination of cardio and toning exercises, which she completely tailors to meet individual needs.  Within a few weeks I could start seeing a difference in my body shape.

Aurelie, 39, Clapham

“I worked with Sian for over a year and can whole heartedly say that she is a great PT! I really didn’t do a lot of exercise and was very overweight before starting with Sian but she made the whole process of getting fit and losing weight really enjoyable. She has a very different style to other personal trainers I have tried in the past and she understands how to make sessions fun and energetic without being strict and intimidating!

Sian really listened to what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to work and has a totally different session set up for me every time I see her, this variety is great given that I have 3 sessions a week. Working with Sian I have lost just over 5 stone, and highly recommend her to anyone.”

Rosheen, Clapham