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Trimester 3 Pregnancy Workout Series
Welcome to the trimester 3 series! I hope you are feeling good and looking forward to working out safely and effectively. I'd like to flag here that if you are experiencing sore wrists, back, hips or feet though, PLEASE don't 'plough on', but go and see your midwife / a women's health physio who can help. We will of course be working at lower intensity and to protect these areas as much as possible. Please ensure you are hydrated, rest often, and work at the pace you can manage. ENJOY!

Trimester 2 Pregnancy Workouts
Welcome to the Trimester 2 series! 12 unique workouts designed for mums-to-be who want to exercise safely and effectively. You'll need light dumbbells, resistance bands and your bodyweight. PLEASE warm up using the free video on Vimeo. Note: these workouts are designed for mums who were fit pre-pregnancy and may be a little much for those who aren't used to exercise. If you start experiencing common symptoms including sore wrists, back or feet, please consult your midwife. ENJOY!

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