So at 38 weeks pregnant I am very excited to be about to press ‘go’ on my latest venture. Yes, there’s a baby coming, and that’ll certainly be an adventure (!), but the other ‘baby’ I’ve been working on is a new series of 24 unique workouts for mums-to-be in Trimesters 2 and 3 of pregnancy.

I decided to create this series when I became pregnant myself. Knowing I wanted to continue working out regularly (for the multiple reasons it’s important to do so in pregnancy), I wanted to use my skills to put together a quick, safe and effective programme for mums-to-be like me....AND for me!

It also came from a position of frustration at some of the exercise often prescribed for mums-to-be. I don’t know about you, but if you were a fit and active person pre-pregnancy, then chances are you’ll want to WORK OUT during pregnancy too, rather than roll around on a Swiss ball and not much else, which is what seems to be on offer in much of the online material available. Of course, there’s a time and a place for that, particularly for those with certain medical conditions or those who didn’t exercise previously, but as a fit individual experiencing a straightforward pregnancy, I wasn’t going to stay fit, lean, and strong using many of the online resources I looked at.

I think the real difficulty for most women is in knowing WHAT is safe, whilst still challenging the body and mind. That’s where I hope that my series comes in. As a women-only pre/postnatal Personal Trainer who trains women every day through this time, I wanted to create something that left me feeling like I’d worked, BUT within the guidelines that as a professional I know that I need to stick to. 

I think variety is really important too. I have a low boredom threshold and so I put together a programme that offers 24 DIFFERENT workouts; 12 for Trimester 2, and 10 for Trimester 3, plus 2 free ‘taster videos’. I’ve focused on short workouts too, with each between 5-15 minutes. So, if I’m feeling great that day, then I can easily hit repeat and do the session again, or if I’m feeling tired or are time pressed then I can stick to one round. The exercises are varied, offer ‘higher and lower’ options to adapt to how I feel, focus on strengthening core and pelvic floor through movement, use a mix of functional exercises mimicking the pushing, pulling, bending and lifting I’ll be doing as a mum, and employ a mix of bodyweight, dumbbell and resistance band exercises to ensure the body is challenged. The sessions in each Trimester block don’t need to be run sequentially either, so I can pick and choose as I like.

I’m hoping what I’ve achieved is a kind of personal ‘in living room PT’ for already active mums-to-be. I work out in the videos too, as that is the best way for me to create something tailored to - and understanding of - the journey other mums are on too. Offering tips and advice throughout, I hope women will learn a lot about why we exercise in pregnancy and to feel confident in exercising outside the series too.

Interested? Check out the Videos section of my website for the free taster tri 2 and 3 workouts (and free warm up), and click the drop down 'Premium content' if you would like to get involved!