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  17 May 2017
If you’ve clicked through to read this, then in all likelihood you have had a baby (or babies) and are seeking advice on strengthening your post-baby body, or you’re pregnant and been told you should start working on your pelvic floor now. Whatever the case, you’ve no doubt been told hundreds of times that pelvic floor exercises are key and you should be doing them every day. And it’s true; if you’re pregnant, had a baby (delivered vaginally or via c-section) or simply if you are female (!).....Read More

A revelation: My 'Mummy MOT'!

  18 January 2017
This week I invested in a session with a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, and it was probably the most worthwhile spend I have made in a very long time. At 4 months postnatal, I felt it was time I had the sort of check up on my pelvic and core health that just hadn’t been available at my 6 week GP ‘check’ (which didn’t really check anything). With a couple of small concerns and a healthy professional interest, I booked Clare of La Femme Physiotherapy who, amazingly, came to see me at home. .....Read More

A new venture for me; welcome to the Fresh Start Pregnancy Workout Video Series

  24 August 2016
So at 38 weeks pregnant I am very excited to be about to press ‘go’ on my latest venture. Yes, there’s a baby coming, and that’ll certainly be an adventure (!), but the other ‘baby’ I’ve been working on is a new series of 24 unique workouts for mums-to-be in Trimesters 2 and 3 of pregnancy. I decided to create this series when I became pregnant myself. Knowing I wanted to continue working out regularly (for the multiple reasons it’s important to do so in pregnancy), I wan.....Read More